Why an attorney is needed to establish an LLC

As a business owner, you are working around the clock to maintain the integrity and cash flow of your company along with worrying about protecting it and your assets. Having someone guide you, like an attorney for your business ventures can benefit you in making things simpler.

An LLC (Limited Liability Company) is the most uncomplicated way to protect your business and your personal assets from fraud and being sued. Having an attorney with you for the process can help you understand the rules by navigating you through the details of the legal documents and forms.

Although in most cases, you can form an LLC without legal advice, but if you happen to have more complicated issues, you might need attorney assistance to make sure the assurance is done correctly. Some online legal providers won’t be able to do it correctly, since not all businesses are the same.

An attorney will be there to help negotiate sales agreements and leases, as well as deal with litigation between any possible lawsuits from current or former employees, customer complaints, government investigations, harassment, discrimination lawsuits, and legal violations. All things can turn into a nightmare without the right back up.

It can also take years if you want to file for a patent, on top of it being time consuming, it can also be expensive. Consulting with a patent attorney can help you assess your product and understand what your rights are.

And last, but not least, consulting an attorney in the early stages of sales agreements or lease agreements will protect you in negotiations that involve renovation of an existing space, or build-out of a new space as well as drafting letters of intent and rewrite the one the landlord prepares.

Even if you feel your small business is good without the help of an attorney to form an LLC, you might want to consider the benefits of not being alone during the process and avoid making mistakes. At the Law Offices of Julia M. Williams, you can count on us to guide you through any situation that can help your business improve.


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