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Business Counsel

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What do business formation services include?

Ms. Williams helps you select a business entity that fits your needs. Ms. Williams is experienced in creation of operating agreements for:

  • Corporations

  • Professional Corporations

  • Limited liability Corporations

  • Limited Partnerships

  • Limited Liability Partnership

What are “general counsel” services?

Most people think of their attorneys in the context of lawsuits, drafting contracts, or closing a business deal.  These are all valuable services, but hiring an attorney only when you think you need one provides two main disadvantages.

First, the fee for a single transaction will often be higher because there is no ongoing relationship and the attorney will have to spend time learning about your company and what it is trying to accomplish.

Second, not having an on-call attorney and needing to find an attorney creates an additional barrier to seeking legal advice that may lead your business to skip consulting with an attorney even when it would be in its best interests to do so.


When Outside General Counsel Services Might Be Needed:

  • Review business contracts
  • Draft standard contracts or leases
  • Attend board meetings
  • Questions about employment matters
  • Discuss compliance issues surrounding new business proposals
  • Get early advice on circumstances that might lead to litigation  

How do general counsel services work?

When you sign up for our outside general counsel services, you pay a flat fee to have a dedicated on-call attorney available to you.  While he or she may be serving multiple businesses, your attorney will continue to work with you throughout the arrangement. Any time you have a quick question or just need a simple document reviewed, all you need to do is pick up the phone.

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