5 Top Considerations for Guardianship Planning

On Mother’s Day, I can’t stop but to think about all the happiness a child brings when one becomes a Mom. Your children are the fuel that keeps you going.  All parents think about is the happiness and the wellness of their child; that is why you and your family should start considering guardianship planning!


I want to share with you the 5 Top considerations for Guardianship Planning because as a mother, there is no better gift than peace of mind. Knowing my children will be in good hands and to know I did it right!


#1 Do you have children that are under age? And how many? It is essential for you to state every underage child name on your trust. You want to make sure the court addresses every child. The court will only assign guardianship to the names stated on trust or will.


#2 Before you jump to asking Grandparents for guardianship planning, you should consider their age and are they able to handle what taking care of children entitles? For example, if your child will soon be 18 maybe grandparents may be ideal, but not so much for a toddler.


#3 Make sure that when you are creating your guardianship planning list, you think about your values and or religion. How would you like your children to be raised? Is the guardian you are choosing going to raise your children their way or as close as possible as you would?


#4 Financial stability is a big one. Make sure that in your guardianship planning you consider the guardians financial status. You want the best for your children, and at the same time, you do not want to add financial stress to the guardians.


#5 Make sure you have an open conversation about guardianship planning. Both parties need to be educated and clear on how guardianship works.


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